Downtime Post fight @ the Mine.

1 week 2 days ago #6313 by Robert
Stojan will use whatever he has available to secure the prisoner's hands and mouth.  Rope, Duct Tape, whatever he has in the truck.

Once he's secured and loaded into the back of the vehicle, Stojan will help Conner get in the back with the prisoner and the 2 dogs.  He'll open the door for Lilly and will close it once she gets in, starting a bit too long at her butt as she passes him.  With the cart back on the road, he'll call the Devil they made contact with using the Bluetooth handsfree system in the vehicle.  

(Asssuming he answers.)

"Hey TK.  Hope ya don't mind me callin' ya TK, just don't want our 'guest' here to know ya until you can properly introduce yourself in person.  Anyway, we got the guy that was in the dead people visions Ty got. Guess this fucker was a major tool for The End's ritual.  Do you have a place we can drop him off for questioning?  I doubt you'd want him dropped off on your doorstep." 

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