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Riley is crouching down and speaking about the dangers of the desert,  in a PSA kind of way. "The most important thing is water, so keep plenty with you if you plan on leaving the city; even if you are going to another city. There's a reason clouds are not present in the desert sky..." eventually a familiar car drives up. The individual from last stream with a buddy of his.

The first guy, Aaron, is as excited as last time, "Man! You are back out here! I loved everything last time!" He turns to his friend, Bill, "it RAINED last time!"

Bill speaks, "wha-? But it is like, 0% chance. This guy's station says as much."

"Yeah but it wasn't just rain. It was RAIN. It. Was. Magical."

"Ahem thank you both for showing up today. Especially you, Aaron. Great to see you again, though What did I say, last time? No speaking of the surprises you see after the stream." Riley will look back at the camera and give a charming smile, "I'm glad a couple of guests came today. I was prepared just in case." Riley goes to get a duffle bag out of his trunk and sets it down and tells the two ppl to come sit around it. He takes out a long piece of thick string and cuts it into thirds. "Knots can be a real life saver when out in elements. Rain or strong UV light can be equally dangerous..."

Harkining back to his youth as a boys scouts, he begans a lesson in knots. The two men are being used to field questions as he demonstrates and just idle chit-chat to pass the time.

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