Differences between V:tM Revised & V20

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You can get the V20 book here if you need it.

Attributes & Abilities
Awareness has been added as a Talent.

Dodge has been removed as a skill; its former functionality has been moved to Athletics.

Security has also been removed; its former functionality has been subsumed by the Larceny skill and the Technology knowledge.

Linguistics is no longer a skill; each language known is a 1-dot Merit instead. (p. 484)

The Tremere have a new clan flaw; they succumb to the blood bond after only two drinks from a regnant, rather than three. (It's not made clear whether the effect of the first drink is magnified to that of the second drink, or whether the second drink is skipped.) (p.69)

The animal features of the Gangrel that manifest after a frenzy are now temporary, and may be behavioral rather than physical. (p.55)

Character Creation and Costs
During character creation, Humanity/Path dots costs 2 freebie points instead of 1.

Core Disciplines
Potence and Celerity have been significantly altered. Each now adds a passive bonus (at no vitae cost) to their governing physical attribute; you add your dots as extra dice in pools using Strength and Dexterity, respectively. In addition, Potence and Celerity allow the vampire to spend vitae for effects: spending 1v allows a Potence user to add his dots in Potence as successes to all subsequent Strength rolls made during that turn--which used to be inherent to the discipline--and a Celerity user may choose to spend 1v to convert a Celerity dot into an additional physical action for that turn, which may be done multiple times, reducing the Celerity rating accordingly for the turn (Generational blood-spending maxima do not apply to these expenditures.) (pp. 142, 192)

Dominate and Presence powers whose difficulties were once equal to the subject's permanent Willpower rating now target the subject's current Willpower.

If "splitting one's action" in a turn, compare the dice pools for each action, find the one with the fewest dice, and then allot that number of dice among all the actions being attempted. (p.248)
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