Post game #3

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Post game #3 was created by Keith
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Knowing Stojen, Ty will have few miles to walk to the graveyard. After stopping by an iHop or Omlett house, Ty will reach the graveyard around 8:45 pm. He has been pondering what he saw in the other lands at the bar.
Those Specters do not feel right. And spirits can shape other spirits? Why do I feel so uneasy about it all?

He will jot the name of the graveyard on his notebook, planning on looking into who owns the land. Probably the state. He will then go to a secluded corner or tomb, shift into his Visage, and make his way across the barrier.

[Lore of the Realm •• difficulty varies with -2: 4, 8, 8, 1, 10, 10] Torment rating is 4
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