Going home to Stefan

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Going home to Stefan was created by Kefie
Going over to Lily's place had put Riley behind on his schedule, so he arrives home later than he is suppose too. Stefan is already home and is about done cooking (something of which he is good at, actually.) Stefan has a smile and greets Riley, which makes him breath a sigh of relief. "Ahh, hey Boo-Bear. Mmm, that smells so good!"

"Yeah, it is Räucherfisch, or smoked fish. Found something at the store that reminded me of home."

"Sorry I'm so late. I've been 'invited' by a court, and I couldnt turn it down."

"Like from the LGBTQ community?" He has a puzzled look on his face. 

"Ahaha, not quite... more like an infernal, uh, court."

"In-fer-nal? W-what do you mean?" He turns off all the stove eyes. "Does this have to do with, Adonis?" He says the name with such passion, causing Riley's heart to jump.

"Uh, yeah. Apparently there are others like me. So I've been helping out."

There is a gleam in Stefan's eyes, "Others like Adonis? Oh, please go on."

"There really is nothing else to talk about, heh. I mea-" SLAP 

"No, Riley. Do not lie to me. Tell me everything."

With watery eyes, "Ok. Well, there are 4 others. One is a child that looks 10 but is 15, another is a man in his 30s, then two girls. One is russian and another is a black stripper."

Stefan prods for more answers, like do they also have an alternate form? What is this court?

Riley answers his questions and tells him everything he knows. Stefan rewards Riley with affection and warmth when he speaks but is stern and demanding when he feels like Riley is withholding information.

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