Past occurances for Riley and Nerites

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Who is Nerites?             

    Nerites was a minor player during the war, but kept active in the Silver Legion. Early on he fought in the seas. He found comfort in the sailors that fished and sustained themselves from his bounty and jealously protected them with other like-minded fallen; this allowed most of them to live and their descendants to flourish many centuries later as the Greeks. Nerites wanted to copulate with the humans to create the Nephilims however the other, more powerful fallen thought him unworthy and put him to other purposes.

    Near the end of the war, the Silver Legion’s base, Taba,et delved fully into human experimentation in cruel ways. When Nerites protested, he was punished by his fellow Lammasu and banished outside the protective city. Falling back to the safety of familiarity of the sea, and in his grief and anger, he summoned a storm with all his might and hurled it towards Taba,et. Seemingly a traitor who turned bitter at the betrayal of his Legion, he had no safety anymore until the final assault of the Heavenly Host that led to his imprisonment in the abyss. However, the honey words of his brethren in whispered factions piqued his interest. Yes, if he were to get out, he would guide the humans and turn humanity into a great weapon that can turn on even the fallen in hopes that they would not be exploited again.
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The night Nerites returned.

“Finally! I have escaped that hellish pit! W-wait, it is trying to pull me back in?!”

    Nerites arrived above Las Vegas, suspended in the air like the stars. Awe struck at this new world before him. It is night time, the moon proves as much, yet it is as bright as the morning light. Any positive feelings are no where to be found, though. The pit stripped away any such novelties long ago. Now, it is fear and a renewed sense of purpose that keeps him out. Every thing is strange in these lands, but there is something, some pull, similar to the abyss yet not as sinister. It is almost warm and welcoming. Like a shooting star, Nerites plummets towards the promise of sanctuary. Unaware of the gruesome scene he has entered in.

    Riley Parker has been in an abusive relationship for near on 3 years now. The first couple were great. Stefan, the man he met while studying abroad for a year, seemed so sweet and caring. After graduating, Stefan moved to the states and with the help of marriage, got a visa. What did Riley do wrong? What caused that first year of marriage bliss to crumble away? Always blaming himself for perceived slights and always testing Stefan’s patience. You see, if Stefan wasn’t such a great guy, he would of left Riley ages ago. Thankfully, he is a patient and kind man. Because of work, they had to move to Las Vegas, away from Riley’s “judgmental” family. Riley is a meteorologist, so work in that field is “easy” and “can be done anywhere.” Stefan got an in with this company that is based in Las Vegas, but still requires him to travel a lot. This isolation led to Riley indulging in two hobbies, gambling and camping; both activities Stefan approves of (more or less). Riley already had an allowance from Stefan, so him gambling away any money means he’ll depend on Stefan more; a perverse thrill Stefan gets off on. Camping, on the other hand, is done more in secret. He doesn’t mention his trips or plans, so Stefan doesn’t give his input on the matter.

    Whatever agitation Stefan has, Riley is the one to shoulder the burden. It started as belittlement and cussing, but the satisfaction from the abuse grew and the slapping and kicking followed suit. This past year has been the culmination of getting away with the abuse; Riley has been to the hospital a few times now. One of his lower ribs was fractured and his hand getting smashed in a car door to name a couple. On this particular night, however, was fatal for poor Riley. Stefan was on a tirade, he was overlooked for a promotion, Riley didn’t have dinner prepared when he returned from work, his car battery had to be replaced! Every wrong that day was taken out on Riley. After the abusive sexual release of Stefan, he was disgusted with Riley and told'em to go clean himself up. Riley, of course, obliged, even with a concussion. Groggy and weak-kneed, when he closed the bathroom door and stepped in front of the mirror, he slipped on the towel in the floor bludgeoning his temple on the porcelain toilet. The brain swelling already inflicted was too much, and a blood vessel erupted. He was dead within minutes. Stefan was getting agitated again when Riley was not answering his calls. He heard the noise but didn’t bother to check, not until he needed to use the bathroom. He all but kicked the door open, but his anger was swiftly turned to fear and apprehension.

    “Oh no!” Stefan thought. “What would the police and emt think? He didn’t do anything!” but the realization that he was now alone set in. Who would make him his favorite bunny shaped pancakes or come pick him up at the airport. Who would listen to his frustrations and make the cold, hard world better? He slumped down and held Riley’s limp body, praying to anyone to make this nightmare end. As if on cue, Nerites entered Riley’s vacant body healing his internal wounds and causing the dead to regain conscious (in a sense). Stefan was ecstatic, embracing him tighter and kissing him all over. He began making promises of how he will be better and this is a new turning point in their life. The dormant Nerites, lost in the sea of new emotions and a flood of memories, felt immense happiness. Is Stefan back to his old self? Still groggy, seemingly like another person was talking, but who if not Riley himself? He began talking in a serious tone. “Yes, we will be together forever and always. All I ask from you is devotion, and I shall give my all to you.” A pact was struck, almost as if instinct took over to find faith -sustenance in this ragged world- and the newfound faith Stefan had in that moment awoke this survival instinct. Never again will age touch Stefan. Never again will he have to worry about being separated.

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Earlier that day (the night Riley met everyone)

    Riley woke up early this day as Stefan was scheduled to leave for a business trip and he had to make sure his clothes were pressed and packed and to cook breakfast (dex only to cook +1 dif: 6, 1, 8). He has never been one to cook, and today is no different. He forgot about the bacon and eggs while packing, causing the smoke alarm to blare.

BEEP BEEP BEEP "What is that fucking sound? Riley?!" he comes out of the bedroom and sees Riley scrambling to turn off the stove and take the skillet off the eye.
BEEP BEEP BEEP "Oh, uh, good morning, Boo Bear. I might of-"
Stefan pulls off the siren and removes the battery. "You might of fucked up, yeah?! What a surprise. I keep telling you that your cooking is shit. Why not go out and get something good?"
"Well, I, uh, wanted to do something special before you left."
"Ruining my morning sure is a hell of a special way to send me off."
"Oh, come on now. You are up early, so maybe I can make it up to you?" Riley steps toward Stefan with a coy smile and outstretched arms.
"Oh yeah?" Stefan says mocking his smile. When they are within arms-reach of each other, Stefan slaps Riley. "Did you at least get my suitcase ready? I might as well take a shower and try to salvage the day."
Tears in his eyes, "y-yeah." He points towards an unzipped suitcase on the counter.
 Stefan walks off. Shortly after you can hear running water. Riley finishes cleaning up, holding back tears, thinking what he can do to make his morning better, the heat can be felt on his cheek. "*sigh* Guess I have to do that." Riley heads into the bedroom and removes his robes while entering his visage. The demon, in an enchanting voice, coos "Oh Boo Bear~" which has an immediate physical response from Stefan. What he was hoping for.
"Oh, my Adonis!" Stefan opens the shower and lets Nerites in. He shows great admiration and affection to him while in this form. A carrot & stick approach ever since he first saw Nerites. This makes Riley feel jealous of his other self, and unfair competition. The skills are the same though. Nerites returnes the affection to Stefan, kissing while traveling down. Eventually, caressing his phallus and sucking till climax.

A satisfying ending for Stefan who is now dressed and heading out the door. He gives Riley a kiss goodbye and heads off to work. Riley however, feels down. The only thing right now that can make him feel better is going out. He gets dressed in a white polo shirt and corduroy pants and drives out into the desert. Earlier he felt the weather in a 40 mile radius, and now he is heading out to set up a live stream. He cannot help but think back while getting everything going; it has been 2 months since that faithful night, and his life has changed considerably.

Has it been a month now? A thrall of Kayden came up and invited me to this boys and girls club, and said that I wasnt alone. Weirdly enough, I believed him and went, and oh, he was right. Was everyone in that room like me? And now there is talk of the end of the world?! After all that, I wanted out of all this craziness. And I was out... until a couple weeks ago. Kayden himself showed up at the news station. I was arriving as he was leaving a meeting, his strong gaze locked with mine and his thick lips parted slightly with a smile, showing off pristine teeth. He walked up and asked if we could speak for a moment; and now I am helping to explain how/why those 'abnormalities' were normal and NOT a sign of the apocalypse. *Sigh* everything dealing with Kayden and this court is always trouble.

    Everything is set up now, the signal is a bit spotty, but stable enough. He starts his IRL stream on twitch and reddit. "Hello! Riley Parker of Weather Channel 13, thank you for joining me on another day of Las Vegas Cloud spotting! There is a lovely little cumulus cloud, like usual. This is the most frequent type of cloud around here, and again, it is all alone up there. It is fascinating, really, how clouds are made up of water and even though it is cold up top, they hydrogen bonds stay mostly gasous and forms these shapes..." 5 mins later "and that is the basis of the clouds in Las Vegas. I've set up a geolocation, so check the description and come meet up and let's enjoy the great outdoor wether! I'll be out here until, oh, 3pm? That's about the time this cloud will be out of view. Hope to see you soon!." Riley sets up a picnic and just enjoys the weather and lone cloud, "Oh, just you and me again today, though we have a whopping, uh, 3 viewers. Must be some others who need to be comforted by you." Nothing much came about that day, but near 2pm a familiar appearance came driving up. What he was hopeful was a cloud aficionado turned to be Kayden's thrall.

"Oh hey man! You sure are a ways out here. Oh, is that a free bottle of water?" the thrall takes the water and downs half of it, "Whew, much better. Anyways, Kayden needs you to help out an active group tonight..."

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