The calm before the storm

6 years 2 months ago #1882 by greatone
Wilson will wake the night of the raid, going through his normal routine. A knock at the door,Sebastian, " good afternoon sir."
" Hello Sebastian, all is well I presume." Yes sir, all seems in order for the meeting at the Convilin Estate tonight. I took the liberty of preparing the blue pinstripe Ermenegildo Zegna, I believe Lex Luthor referred to it as his per suit. Wilson smiles as he turns to Sebastian, "All of the time you spend helping me run the company how to you find time to watch justice league?" Oh Wilson, comics I read...I read Sebastian shaking his head as he helps Wilson with his Jacket. The two share a short laugh. " Have we heard anything from the Gangrel?"
No sir not yet, they did say they would be out of cell range for most of the trip there and back. " I sure would like to of had them with us tonight." " Sebastian contact Dr. Nash and Mr. Valentine, I want to make sure they are going on the hunt tonight, of all the kindred in the city they are some of the few I have seen in such a situation." " Lets get Mr. Valentine a couple of nice dirks, the more Sabot we can stake the more we will have to question."

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