Looking for help

3 months 2 weeks ago #6517 by Derek Barefoot
After leaving the desert Connor will go home. Confused and hopeful. taking a shower he thinks about the night.
[ how did I know it was a distraction? I thought of 3 potential possibilities for ways they would behave on the field ] “ on the field ?” He says out loud. “  what does  “ on the field mean ? “ ( hence the confusion. ) but 
Ty is right, 6 vs 12 are bad odds, especially in Vegas.  Caden has already sent 2 people to help us. We need more assets in the field “ what tha? Assets in the field, who talks like that ?” What is going on with me. 
He lays in bed pulling the covers up to his chin. 
[ she didn’t attack you, she could have. She even helped you kind of. Even in the harshest soil a flower can bloom. 
he clicks off his light and goes to sleep…… ( engage nightmare / flashback scene ) 

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