Day 2 , before the desert

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Connor gets up and goes through his usually morning routine. Leaving the house today he walks south opting not to get a ride from Rita. It’s hot today, the building provide little shade from the sun. Connor will produce a cap from hit backpack, blue with a Superman logo on the front. It was a gift from his uncle when he was in the hospital. 
After a few blocks he is stopped by the sound of kids singing, the Church he use to frequent stands on the corner. A choir, he walks up the steps to the door, removing his hat before entering. 
it’s a large church, well funded. The large wooden pillars rise up to the ceiling and the pews are dark wood, oak maybe. He can’t be sure. 
the choir is practicing, a large group of young people 12-17 he estimates. The church is sparcly populated this early, with a few older people scattered in the pews. 
connor finds an empty pew and sits. The kids try to stay on key as the director instructs them. 
after a few songs they dismiss fir a break. Connor bows his head and closes his eyes. 
[ Egrith , I….. miss you, I haven’t heard your voice in so long. It’s so loud here now, not like before. I still see you, in the trees, when the wind blows the leaves. In the birds as they soar, in the smiles of those I can help., I see you. But, I see pain to and hate so much. The humans, where are the Elohim ? Why have they been so silent? So absent? I don’t understand any of it. Are we not to guide and protect the creation ? I try to show them, I try to teach them a better way. I wish you were here. ] 
his head slips down onto his arm resting on the pew in front of him. “ Egrith “ 
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4 months 5 hours ago #6496 by Derek Barefoot
He hears the whispered prayers of those in the church, the footsteps of people entering or leaving he can’t tell. The footsteps grow louder and louder.
The room grows more lit even though his eyes are closed. The footsteps continue but it’s his. He’s walking down an old bricked hallway behind 2 others, long regal capes flowing gold capes behind them, their voices slightly muffled. It’s like watching a POV video with bad audio. They enter a room, a large balcony opens up on the back wall the curtains blow slightly. They are up high, he can see the snow caps of mountains in the distance. The room is adorned with suits of armor and beautiful tapestries. A rectangle table stands in the center, 2 men and a woman stand around it, Elohim as far as he can tell but the faces are hard to see. They look up, the female motioning him to come closer. The voices are still muffled but she points down at a map showing what appear to be troop movements, strongholds and cities. They speak for a while then the 2 men leave, he stays with the woman. They exchange words none he can make out, then when leaving she speaks again but this time he can hear her words perfectly, “ Thank You “
In a blink he’s back lifting his head to see the children reentering the front of the church.

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